Display a help dialog box when the user hits "?" during a diff review

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This change will allow users to get an overview of keyboard shortcuts while users are reviewing changes.  It includes the ThickBox javascript code (MIT licensed).  Please let me know if this is not OK.

Hussain Bohra should be listed as a contributor if this code is accepted.  Thanks!
Manual testing on a development box at tip + diffs (as of last week). 
  1. Can you provide screenshots of this?
  1. So before I review the code, I want to comment on the design and requirements for this.
    I'd rather not use thickbox, as we already have APIs for displaying dialogs and such floating over the page. I'd actually like to use a look like the GMail keyboard shortcuts box, where it's mostly black, alpha-transparent, rounded, and has that sort of aligned, sectioned, spaced-out listing of the keyboard shortcuts.
    We should be able to get this without using thickbox. Just need some CSS (in common.css) for the help box and a function in common.js for taking a keyboard bindings table and displaying it. We could augment the current keyboard bindings to offer sections of mappings for the purpose of displaying (like "File navigation", etc.)
    Also, the keyboard mappings should stay in diffviewer.js. We want to limit the number of files downloaded, as this will slow down the loading time of the page (the browser only handles so many requests of a type at once), which slows down rendering, and increases load on the server. So keeping that in diffviewer.js would really be best.
    1. OK.  I'm getting an estimate on how long this will take to change and either do it or punt on trying to get this into mainline for the time being.
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