Ensure proper compatibility for our JavaScript in Review Board.

Review Request #12803 — Created Jan. 23, 2023 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


package.json has been updated to specify the minimum Node.js version
we require (>= 14.0.0), to avoid any confusing errors when building
static media.

The .babelrc file has been renamed to babel.config.json. This is the
modern filename, and some tools expect it, skipping .babelrc. We also
have the option to make this babel.config.js in the future, letting us
make the file more dynamic, if needed.

We also now define the dedent and django-gettext plugins, which
weren't previously enabled for Rollup-based JavaScript bundles. These
dependencies are provided by @beanbag/frontend-buildkit.

Erased node_modules and re-created it with setup.py develop, which

Built a package successfully.

Checked various parts of the website (datagrids, admin UI, My Account,
review request pages) without any errors.