Make the package.json file in Review Board the primary dependency source.

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Review Board

We used to depend fully on Djblets's djblets/ for the
list of Node.js packages to install, since we just made use of the basic
static media tooling in Djblets.

This change makes Review Board's package.json a primary source of
dependencies. Right now, we just depend on Djblets (via the .djblets
symlink set up when setting up a development environment), setting it up
as a Node workspace to make full use of symlinks. Upcoming changes will
move more dependencies into this.

This package.json lives in reviewboard/, making it available to
consumers of published packages. We then symlnk to the root of the tree.

These dependencies are reflected into reviewboard/ via
a new script that is run any time we run npm install --save or
npm uninstall --save (if that operation would update node_modules).

This way, it should be easier to ensure that we have the right
dependencies in the tree for building static media, looking up types, or
linting the files.

Erased node_modules and re-ran develop. Verified I got a
working tree, which I was able to use to compile a new package, and
could use with upcoming changes that make deeper use of these

Ran npm install --save ... and uninstall --save ... and verified
that reviewboard/ was updated.

Make the package.json file in Review Board the primary dependency source.
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