Fix regression for creating reviews from the Review List resource.

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This change fixes a regression regarding the way we fetch the Review List
resource and create reviews using it. Previously, we would fetch this from the
Root List resource, which would then get the Review List resource from the
appropriate Review Request resource. In Review Board 5.0, we introduced a Root
Review List resource, so now this gets returned from the Root List resource
instead. This Root Review List resource does not support the POST method, so
this broke review draft creation. To fix this, we update the code to fetch the
Review List resource directly from the Review Request resource instead of
fetching it from the Root List resource.

The codebase was also checked to see if there are any regressions from
introducing the Root Diff Comment List resource, Root File Attachment
Comment List resource and Root General Comment List resource, which were
also introduced in Review Board 5.0. No regressions for these were found.

These changes are also compatible with Review Board 4.x.

  • Manually tested the rbt review and rbt status-update commands.
  • Ran unit tests.
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Fix regression for creating reviews from the Review List resource.
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