Fix lists in version information sections.

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When using Version Added, Version Changed, or Deprecated with a
numeric or bullet list, the rendering of the lines would break. This
wasn't anything special with these sections, and in fact likely applied
to others as well. Instead, it was a mistake make in the re-indent logic
for putting content into a section.

The logic was supposed to dedent a block of lines, removing the common
leading whitespace, and to then re-indent with 3 spaces. The 3
parameter for _indent() was put in the wrong place, and this instead
was being passed to _dedent(), taking the place of a parameter that,
if truthy, would dedent all whitespace.

This led to subsequent lines in multi-line list items turning into new

This change fixes that argument issue.

Unit tests pass.

Saw that this fixed some documentation I was working on.