Fix running Bazaar unit tests with only Breezy installed.

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RBTools was updated to support Breezy, but the unit tests were not. If
Breezy was installed as brz, but without a symlink to bzr, the unit
tests would be skipped.

This change fixes up the test suite to determine the correct version
(using check_install to avoid issues with stale pyenv shims or
"helpful" Linux instruction errors) and to run the correct one.

It also fixes up all calls to ensure a user/e-mail is set when operating
on a repository, avoiding errors that can be raised by Breezy.

Last, it avoids skipping when setting up the class-wide repository
state. This is to ensure that we don't skip during class setup, and soon
to ensure that each individual test has control over if it will skip.

Ran unit tests with bzr and brz installed, with just brz
installed, with just bzr installed, and with neither installed.

Fix running Bazaar unit tests with only Breezy installed.
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