Fix issues when review requests are discarded before publishing.

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We had a few bugs that were causing things to get weird when a review
request was discarded before its initial publish, and then attempted to
use again.

The first bug here is that doing an rbt post -r against the discarded
review request would create the draft, but leave the review request in
its discarded state. I've changed the POST
/api/review_requests/<N>/draft/ API to reopen the review request in this

Second, because there's some history present, the subsequent publishing
of the discarded-then-updated review request is creating change
descriptions. For the most part this is fine, but the commit list field
wasn't correctly handling the case where the change was adding the first
diff in the history. This affected both the serialization to the
ChangeDescription as well as the rendering methods.

Last, the draft banner was unconditionally trying to add an interdiff
link. I've changed this to work like other parts of the codebase where
we check the diff revision first.

  • Ran unit tests.
  • Manual testing:
    1. Created a new review request draft, then discarded it. Saw that
      the old draft diff was discarded as expected.
    2. Ran rbt post -r to update the previously discarded review
      request. Saw that it was reopened, and that the diff was
      correctly attached to the draft. Checked that the draft banner
      did not attempt to give us a bogus interdiff link.
    3. Published the draft. Saw that publishing worked without showing
      errors, and that the change description was rendered correctly.