Add cached statistics for a Local Site's ACLs.

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This introduces a new manager stats method,
LocalSiteManager.get_local_site_acl_stats(). This returns a dictionary

  1. The number of users on the Local Site
  2. The number of admins on the Local Site
  3. Whether the Local Site is public
  4. A UUID representing the generated state (which can be used as a
    component of other cache keys to enable automatic invalidation)

This is per-Local Site. It exists on the manager so that either a
pre-fetched LocalSite instance can be provided, or the primary key of
a LocalSite. That makes it usable in methods where we may not yet want
to fetch a LocalSite.

This information is cached. It's invalidated whenever user/admin
membership changes, when public does or may have changed (based on
whether is called with/without update_fields=), or
when a LocalSite is deleted.

This will soon be used by other query-generating code to conditionally
fetch data from the database, and as components for other cache keys.

Unit tests pass.

Add cached statistics for a Local Site's ACLs.
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