Add docstrings with version information to all evolutions.

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Review Board

Review Board has had a great many database schema changes over its
lifetime, and the more we add, the harder it is to determine when a
particular change was made.

This poses a problem when trying to sort out failed evolution upgrades,
as sometimes an upgrade is attempted and rolled back with evolution
information recorded that breaks future attempts at a new upgrade. When
this happens, it takes a lot of effort to figure out what happened.

This change updates all evolutions in the codebase to have a docstring
that specifies the version in which the evolution was added. This rounds
up to the first public release (so no alphas/betas).

All upgrades are also tracked in Notion, for easy reference:

While here, I found a stray evolution that was never used (its contents
were incorporated into another evolution). That's been deleted.

Went through and verified the versions of each of these.

Add docstrings with version information to all evolutions.
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