Add more bullet-proofing for race condition when using changenums.

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When creating a new review request with a change number on SCMs that
support it (i.e. Perforce), there's the possibility of a race condition.
We do a check to make sure there are no existing review requests with
the given change number, then create the draft and diffset history, and
then finally save the review request. In some cases (for example, the
SCM is being super slow fetching information for the draft), users may
attempt a second time. This second try will then error out with a
database IntegrityError (emailing the admins and returning a 500)
rather than reporting back a useful error via the API.

This change adds some additional bullet-proofing to the creation
process. In the case where the initial check for the changenum succeeds
but the save operation fails, we'll then roll back the created diffset
history and return the ChangeNumberInUseError.

Added test case that triggered the issue. Saw that after the changes to
the manager, the test case succeeds.

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F841 local variable 'rsp' is assigned to but never used

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