Fix building documentation for Review Board 5.

Review Request #12153 — Created March 14, 2022 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


The Review Board 5 docs failed to build due to two problems:

  1. ID collisions in the auth_permissions fixtures for the docs.db.
    The fixtures no longer contain any permissions, allowing Django to
    manage this completely.

  2. An AttributeError in the webapidocs Sphinx extension, where
    node.slice.value was failing when node.slice was a Name. In
    prior versions of Python, we'd get an ast.Index when we hit this
    code path, but no longer. The code now special-cases ast.Index,
    and has a suitable fallback for other types.

Successfully built the docs.

Found the spots where the API docs were hitting this code path. Verified
the resulting documentation still looked correct.