Allow for parallel full-repo builds on the same repository on Git.

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The Git checkout process attempted to create a branch for the purpose
of cloning a working area. Git doesn't provide any official, reliable
mechanism for cloning form a specific commit, so we first create the
branch on the desired commit and then clone that.

This ultimately doesn't work well, since if there are two tools that
both need a workarea from the same commit, they can end up trying to
create, clone from, and destroy the same exact branch, leading to race

We now include a UUID along with the branch name, which should help
mitigate this issue. We also attempt to destroy the branch after we
clone even if that clone operation fails.

We also no longer prune branches when fetching, which led to another
race condition where in-progress branches could be removed prematurely.

Tested with a bunch of parallel tool runs across multiple workers with
a shared set of repository directories. No longer encountered errors
creating branches, cloning, or cleaning up branches.

Allow for parallel full-repo builds on the same repository on Git.
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