Fix a handful of regressions/environment-dependent issues in unit tests.

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This corrects some problems in our test suites that have recently been
uncovered, some of which were found during the move to pytest.

We had some stdout/stderr capture code that was nose-specific. We
weren't capturing stdout at all, leaving that to nose. We now
capture both.

Some SVN common test mixin code was being executed under pytest. We now
set __test__ = False to avoid this.

The new versions of Haystack regressed a test, due to an attempt to spy
on a function wrapped in a misbehaving decorator (which did not preserve
the function name). This is addressed in kgb 7 through the new
func_name= argument, which is now used by this test.

A check for rb-site output was testing results in a Python-specific way.

Some SSH key comparisons for the SCM tests compared against None using
==, which triggered a broken code path in paramiko. We now compare
using is.

Verified these fixed the corresponding unit tests in both the pytest and
nose test runners.