Minor update to make_svn_diff to allow binary adds/diffs to be properly represented

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Using git-svn with postreview.py causes binary diffs to be "hidden" -- i.e. reviewboard servers do not show that a binary file has been added/modified.  Prior to the patch, binary files would be represented in the diff as such:

Index: path/to/binary/file
Binary files path/to/binary/file and path/to/binary/file differ

This change modifies that slightly so that the generated patches are more like svn:

Index: path/to/binary/file
Cannot display: file marked as binary type.
svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream

New svn files also usually have a property associated with them -- this has been purposely omitted for simplicity.
Tested change against an RC 1.0 Beta 2 ReviewBoard instance with a 1.4 SVN server.  As expected, generated patches with this change reflected all image & audio asset changes/additions.  Without the patch, no asset changes were reflected.
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Correcting the review group to be rbtools.
  1. Looks good, thanks. Committed as r62dd213