Issue 1377, comment flag not visible in view diffs for second line

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Issue 1377, comment flag not visible in view diffs.  This happens when two comments are placed on 2 consecutive lines.  I believe the cause of the problem is that startRow in findLineNumRow in reviewboard/htdocs/media/rb/js/diffviewer.js already includes the offset, so we are off by 1 when we try to locate the line for the second comment, and we cannot find it. 
I applied the patch to my local version of reviewboard, and verified the second line is displayed both in a development envirnment and on a staging server.
  2. Should span 3 lines instead of being condensed to 1 line, and a blank line between this and the variables below. Comment above should move into the conditional.
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New diffs, addressing the formatting issues.  No logic change.
  1. Thanks. Committed to release-1.0.x and master (rd7c6525).