Review UI for SVG Vector Graphics files

Review Request #11846 — Created Oct. 8, 2021 and updated — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


Currently ReviewBoard has a limited way of rendering SVG files and does
not allow for proper scaling and zooming. We are now attempting to utilize
SVG potential to full extent and allow users to inifinitely scale/zoom SVG images.

The new solution utilizes viewBox attribute of SVGs and attempts to manipulate it
in order to create zoom-in ability and ability to span SVG. Moreover, the solution
also dynamically rescales and adjusts comment boxes based on the viewBox.

Currently, the new features only apply to a single image, i.e. no diffs view.
The diff view with SVGs will behave the same way as with the bitmap images.
However, there is no ability to zoom in/out or span the SVG.

The UI was tested using Google Chrome and Safari.

Unit tests were but no additional tests were added.