[Outdated] Basic Util Files For GoDiffX

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All of the basic files have now been created along with some tests. This includes errors,
sections, options, text, and unified diffs.

I added the outdated tag because I started overwriting some of these basic things while
working on reader.go. It also does not make much sense to ship this on its own since
there aren't really any useful functions.

A test file was created on my machine in another directiory (~/Desktop/GoTest) and the module
was imported there. Since it does not make sense for semi-functional code to be pushed to Github,
I setup the local test file to think it's getting its information from
github.com/beanbaginc/diffx/go/godiffx when in reality, it is just checking my local copy. I can
overwrite this whenever code gets published to make sure it still works properly, but that is likely
something that can come towards the end of the project.

There is testing written for every file now and Go reports it having 98.1% coverage. The remaining 1.9%
is due to small redundancies in error handling where I don't expect a function to ever error at a certain
point, but I have code to handle it in case something odd happens.

The only other piece that still needs to be tested is the Go docs themselves. I have not had enough time
to spin up a local server where I can see what the documentation looks like, but I plan to do that soon
and will update this description once that is finished. I don't expect any issues but this is my first time
creating go docs so we will see.