Consolidate base classes for test suites.

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RBTools has had two base classes available for unit test suites: an
older rbtools.utils.testbase.RBTestBase, which contained all the
useful helper methods but should have been legacy, and
rbtools.testing.testcase.TestCase, which contained very little but was
intended to be modern.

This change consolidates the two. All the useful stuff from RBTestBase
now lives in TestCase, with some unused methods (reset_cl_args() and
catch_output()) removed.

gen_uuid() was also removed, as it's not a generally-useful method,
and was only used in one test, which shouldn't have used it to begin

RBTestBase did set up a temporary home directory and chdir to it,
which is functionality that wasn't worth removing, but shouldn't
necessarily be the default. For now, TestCase now includes this
ability as an opt-in.

The old RBTestBase is still around for now, for legacy test suites.
Many suites still need to be updated to use TestCase. It also opts
into the temporary home directory, so that there aren't any regressions.

Unit tests pass.

Consolidate base classes for test suites.
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