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Added to pre 1.1 version (viz. release- of Reviewboard. The tool for setting up a quick test/dev server with RB 1.1 is really easy to use. I missed it when I tried to go to a stable version for some testing/hacking.

I've simply copied the template and script for setting up a quick dev server. I suspect the extra 1.1 template settings are not appropriate so this review uses a completely different name. I do no expect this change to be accepted as is!

Main diffs are:

1) adds from 1.1 BUT with some tweaks so that it works for
2) updated (well renamed) template file, defaults to sqlite, etc. May well have some 1.1 specific settings in it that should not be there
3) I ended up removing the site.sync_database(allow_input=True) call - under 1.1 I found this did not work and a manual syncdb call was needed.

If the approach is approved, I'm happy to update and remove the commented out code and update the template (with content from 1.1).
git clone git://
cd reviewboard
git checkout release-
# branch....

# hack attached diffs

python contrib/internal/
reviewboard/ syncdb
  2. contrib/internal/ (Diff revision 1)
    NOTE hacked up template name - should not be submitted like this!
    1. Have to wonder how important it is to really keep a different name. is this a problem today where we have settings files that aren't compatible between 1.0.x and 1.1?
  3. contrib/internal/ (Diff revision 1)
    These lines are different compared with Reviewboard 1.1
  4. contrib/internal/ (Diff revision 1)
    Even under 1.1 this does not work properly (for me with headrevs as of yesterday). It completes successfully but actually using the server results in the "use syncdb" message in the browser.
    1. Hrm. I'd like to find out why and fix this if at all possible. It's the same version of Django.
  5. contrib/internal/ (Diff revision 1)
    explicit call syncdb message
Review request changed
Change Summary:
Copied 1.1 template over template. I hope the two are compatible ;-) I've had no problems using a 1.1 template with my testing environment.

Attempted to address review comments.

NOTE see review which is related to the "this doesn't work under 1.1" comment. I suspect after has been reviewed this review will also need an update. E.g. remove the commented out code.