Add formal handling of file pattern matching for tools.

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Most tools only operate on certain file types, and all tools had to
implement their own logic for this. This meant that some were checking
if a file ends with a pattern, some were splitting file extensions, and
not all could agree on case-sensitive vs. case-insensitive matching.

In an attempt to standardize this, a new
BaseTool.get_can_handle_file() method has been added, which defaults
to checking a new BaseTool.file_patterns for glob patterns.

Comparison is case-insensitive. This is the right default behavior, but
subclasses can always override get_can_handle_file() to perform their
own logic, or continue just checking directly in handle_file() as they
have in the past.

We can extend this further down the road, if needed, to support other
entries in file_patterns, such as compiled regex objects, to extend
capabilities in a consistent way.

As of this change, no tool uses this new functionality, but changes will
be made to add support over time.

Unit tests passed.

Did some light testing with other in-progress tool work.