Update the My Account page to work with modern configforms styling.

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The My Account page was written with legacy configforms styling in
mind. We worked around layout issues with custom styling, dynamically
altering some classes, and trying to make some parts of the UI line up
and blend together in somewhat hacky ways.

Djblets 2.0 switches configform pages over to a cleaner, more modern CSS
Component structure, with improved styling and layout. This definitely
breaks a lot of the My Account page, which this change fixes by
utilizing the new layout constructs and stripping away old hacks.

For the most part, this includes wrapping some elements in a
djblets-l-config-forms-container container element, switching to newer
class names, and removing unwanted styling to allow some of the fixes in
the core classes to work correctly.

There are a couple cases where we've had to alter some CSS to work
correctly in modern configforms. For instance, rb-c-search-input and
rb-c-form-field__errors needed to work around configforms taking
precedence and overriding some styling. These are unfortunate hacks,
currently. The plan, a bit further down the road, is to centralize our
styling in a more common component, but for now this is a necessary

Unit tests pass.

Tested every subpage and form in the My Account page.