Fix wrapping on newly-created review replies.

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The client-side template for the review reply editor was creating the
<pre> tag for the reply contents missing the comment-text class,
which didn't cause many obvious problems except that the text would not
wrap correctly. A reload would fix this, since then the reply element
was created on the backend with the correct class list. This change
fixes up the template to add all necessary classes.

This only appeared on reviews associated with status updates, because
there was a separate rule setting white-space on pre tags within a
.review element. These should probably all be cleaned up at some point
when we move the review entries over to the new CSS component standard.

Created a draft reply to a Review Bot comment and saw that it now
wrapped correctly.

Fix wrapping on newly-created review replies.
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Pushed to release-4.0.x (6fafb89)