Create a superuser in the prepare-dev script.

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With Review Board 3.0 and earlier, we relied on a syncdb call to
automatically trigger the createsuperuser management command. Django
stopped triggering this behavior in 1.7, meaning that any new trees set
up failed to have a superuser by default.

This adds in superuser creation directly in the script. We handle it all
ourselves, utilizing superuser creation capabilities from rb-site. We
ask for the user information and then create the user.

If there's already a superuser (caused by running the script with an
existing database set up), the user will be given a list of the
superuser accounts and will then be told how to create a new one if they
want it. The script won't attempt to create for them.

Ran on a brand-new clone. Saw the superuser prompt,
with a default username based on my logged-in user. Provided the information
and saw that the account was created.

Ran it with an existing database. Saw the list of superusers and the
instructions on calling createsuperuser.

Create a superuser in the prepare-dev script.
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