Backport the new interdiff filtering algorithm and make it optional.

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A long-standing complaint in Review Board 3.0 are the edge cases that
can sometimes be hit with the interdiff filtering algorithm. This has
been difficult to solve, and a great deal of time and investigation has
gone into this for Review Board 4.0. We believe we've improved upon the
algorithm enough to cover all these edge cases, but we need testing.

This change backports the new code to 3.0, making it optional. The new
logic is disabled by default, as we don't want to regress any installs,
but administrators can enable it by setting the following in the file:

    'diffviewer.filter_interdiffs_v2': True,

and then either viewing a new interdiff or clearing memcached and
viewing an existing one.

This mechanism allows the new algorithm to be easily turned off if it's
causing trouble.

We're hoping to get people who reported issues in the past to test this
in 3.0.18+, so we can be sure that 4.0 users will have a fully working
interdiff algorithm.

Much of the core algorithmic work was reviewed previously in and commited in cc6a91fa. This
code focuses on bringing in the feature flag support, funneling in the
request object to filter_interdiff_opcodes(), and keying off that
logic by flag.

This is not the final version of this algorithm. Work has been underway
on further improving it to improve upon the output and to add a better
test harness for real-world anonymized diffs, in order to help us build
up a better regression test suite.

Unit tests pass.

Manually tested my interdiff regressions collection with and without
the new algorithm enabled.

Backport the new interdiff filtering algorithm and make it optional.
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