Fix up the integrations pages for modern Django and Djblets changes.

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This makes a handful of changes to the Admin UI for managing
integrations, fixing up some interactions, and leveraging new work in
the Djblets Config Forms UI.

The main integrations configuration template has changed to hard-code
fewer things (making it easier to integrate into the Review Board admin
UI), moving down some of the Django-specific parts into Djblets's base
admin UI template. Some state has also been injected into the template
from the view, providing information necessary for both Django and
Review Board to properly render the Save/Delete buttons for the page

The JavaScript backing the integrations list now makes use of the new
state management and display code for Config Forms list items. This
reduces the work that the template must do, and gets rid of some
now-unnecessary CSS.

It also fixes some display issues with modalbox usage when confirming
deletion of an integration configuration.

All Python and JavaScript unit tests pass.

Manually tested the saving and deletion functionality for an integration
configuration on the configuration page and deletion on the integration
list page.

Fix up the integrations pages for modern Django and Djblets changes.
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