Add a keyboard shortcut central registry for page views.

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Created an object which can be a central registry for keyboard
shortcuts on the current page. This new object keyBindings is
owned by RB.Pageview. Subclasses of RB.PageView (e.g., diffViewerPageView
and dataGridPageView can extend this new object to have their own
keyboard shortcuts.

Each key set can map to two things: callback mapping to a callback
function and help (temporary mapping to a str text, can be a foundation
of future features).

The old keyboard shortcuts on diffViewerPageView are still working.

Tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Tested in dataGridPageView by adding this dummy code segment:


keyBindings: _.extend({
    'a': {
        callback: 'testAlert',
}, RB.PageView.prototype.keyBindings),

testAlert() {
    alert("This is a test alert.");