Fix some presentation issues with the current form styling.

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This fixes a handful of issues that have come up with the form styling
in the administration UI:

  1. The old deprecated textarea definitions were badly copy/pasted, and
    most were set to the textarea font-size value, which broke a few

  2. Checkbox labels would move below the checkbox input if the label
    needed to wrap.

  3. Description areas for fieldsets had some pretty rough spacing.

  4. Input areas for fields didn't have access to the entire width of the
    form, causing some inputs to be too small when set to width: 100%.

Tested all the current forms in desktop and mobile modes, and at different
viewport widths, making sure they looked correct.

Tested a few places that used legacy textarea definitions, and saw that
they had the correct font and presentation.

Fix some presentation issues with the current form styling.
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Pushed to release-4.0.x (9944a22)