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This RB has several attached images of potential pagination options for the Admin UI blank state banner. An empty dot indicates a step that's not yet completed, a dot with a checkmark indicates a completed step, and a filled dot indicates the current slide. (The content is not true to what the actual content of the banner is in the screenshot; this is just for evaluating the presentation of the pagination). The arrows, carets, and chevrons on either side of the dots are for navigating to the previous or next slide.


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  2. I personally prefer the dots by themselves because it looks neater to me. If some kind of other indicator of previous/next slide is necessary I like the carets with the dots since they seem the least obtrusive.

  1. I liked that even before reading the review request description, I was able to tell which step I was on in the banner and which part(s) I have completed given the checkmark indicator as well as the distance to completing the welcome guide.

    I feel that the arrows or chevrons that allow you to click through the steps of the banner has a small target size for clicking on which can be difficult for some users navigating through the steps. In addition, I think having the steps numbered could also help give a sense of completion and quantify where you're at there but I'd also like to hear other people's opinion on this point. For example, it'd be easier saying I'm on step 4 without having to individually count the circles to figure out where you are.

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Carets & dots are being implemented for the banner in