Add a new class structure for Change Forms.

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The Django administration UI's Change Form is built around an internal
class structure representing fieldsets, field rows, and fields, all
living in django.contrib.admin.helpers. This computes information
necessary for Django's templates, and is not public API.

Since we heavily customize the administration UI, we've been at the
mercy of Django's logic and templates here. With the administration UI
rewrite, we're wanting to become less dependent on their choices, and be
in a position to more easily notice when they make changes under the

This change introduces our own class structure, which is built on top of
Django's, but makes use of our CSS component classes and provides state
our templates need. Our customizations start at the fieldset level
(requiring a new template tag to generate them from Django's

Unit tests are added to ensure all the functionality we depend on works
as expected. This will help us quickly check for changes and have a
mechanism to adapt to them when we upgrade Django in the future.

Unit tests pass on Django 1.6 and 1.11.

Tested the Change Form page for all available models.

Add a new class structure for Change Forms.
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