Implement archive review UI.

Review Request #10794 — Created Nov. 9, 2019 and updated — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


Currently there is no binary file support for RB, exluding my other
changes. With this arhive files can be posted and reviewed at a
basic level. Reviewers can look through a repersentation of the archive
proposed to be submitted. No support for commonenting or presenting the
actual changes is include in this PR as that was out of scope. The
archive is represented as a JSON file tree and does not have any css or
less changes to make it more unified with the rest of RB. These style
changes will need to be included in a later review request. The JSON
file tree is created using a library called JSTree and is currently
under a MIT license, This feature
does require the changes from my other binary file PRs to function.
Specifically: r/10729, r/10728, and one change from r/10766.

Create a test repo and walked through the steps of a review process.
Posted change, look and interacted with change, then shipped change.
Also wrote tests for parsing the archive files; empty, one level,
and multi level archives.