Fix setup-repo not finding the repository

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The issue is that setup-repo retrives repositories in pages
After each page retrieved rbt checks if any of the repositories
matching current and if not asks user question about inexact
matches if exact match not found, and this create problem when
exact match will be on subsequent page

Resolution to the problem is to retrieve complete repository list
1st and after that look for match to the current path, this way
exact match will be found regardless which page it's on

Improved git repository path matching to RB server

The issue is that git url is different depending on which clone
method is used, as a result RB sometimes cannot match path,
especially when repository list is very long

This change git repository normalizes path to minimize the mismatches

For the rbtools repository the following cloning URLs are possible:
ssh:// - for repo tool

In automatic mode server stores repository path as:

As such we attempt to normalize the URL when converting to path
- Remove protocol (https://, ssh://) server does not store it
- Replace 1st seprator ':' or '/' with ':'