Rewrite the User Activity admin widget on top of the new widget classes.

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This is a straight port of the User Activity widget on top of the new
BaseAdminWidget Python class and RB.Admin.Widget/WidgetView
JavaScript classes and our modern CSS component naming conventions. The
new version works as the old one did, but behaves better when resizing
and when the layout changes.

A future change will rewrite this widget entirely, changing how we both
compute and represent the data in order to remove confusion around what
the calculated numbers actually mean. Right now, "Active" really means
"1-6 days," "7 days" means "7-29 days," "30 days" means "30-59 days,"
etc., while "90 days" means "90+ days". We don't communicate this, but
the JavaScript and Python implementations now at least document this.

Tested that the new widget provides the same information as the old one.

Tested that resizing works correctly.

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Pushed to release-4.0.x (6a73519)