Add base styles and page layout for the new admin UI.

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Review Board

Review Board 4.0 is getting a fresh new administration UI. This is long
overdue, and is a requirement for modern Django support (as much has
changed in the Django admin UI styles and page layout since 1.6). The
goal is to produce a new admin UI that feels like the rest of Review
Board, is mobile-friendly, and is less reliant on Django's
implementation while also being compatible with Django apps.

This initial change introduces some base definitions, template blocks,
and JavaScript that future changes will build upon. It moves to the new
sidebar support, giving us both a mobile and desktop sidebar. It also
removes the page tabs in favor of entries in the sidebar, removing the
odd split in navigation that we've had for years.

The content areas in the admin UI have not really changed yet, and may
be in flux as this project comes together. Upcoming changes will iterate
on these pages until the entire admin UI is consistent and future-proof,
at which point we'll be able to drop the Django styling and finally
upgrade to Django 1.11.

Tested that the sidebar entries all work.

Tested general layout in mobile and desktop, on Django 1.6 and 1.11.

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"Other Pages" really bothers me. Perhaps here in the admin UI we can just call this "Review Board"?


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  2. I'm assuming this is a temporary state of affairs?

    1. Yep, there's going to be a lot of things like this for now. This is annoying every time I see it, so very much on the todo list :)

  3. "Other Pages" really bothers me. Perhaps here in the admin UI we can just call this "Review Board"?

    1. Right now it can't be changed. I don't like "Other Pages" either, and had hoped to come up with a better name to use here throughout the entire UI.

      "Review Board" seems like an okay change, but I'd want to use it everywhere.

      Let me think on this one and address it later.

  1. Ship It!
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