Update datagrid pages to use the new page, sidebar, and drawer support.

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In recent changes, much of the logic and styling specific to the
datagrid pages have been moved out into a series of new CSS and
JavaScript components. These covered page management features like the
full-page content mode, the drawer overlaying the sidebar, and the
revised sidebar support.

This change updates the datagrid pages to make use of these new
components, simplifying the code and making them consistent with any
other pages that end up using these components (such as the in-progress
administration UI rewrite).

The batch operations pane in the dashboard has been replaced by the new
drawer support, which also provides new mobile batch operation support.

The sidebar now uses the new rb-c-sidebar component styles, fixing
some visual issues in the old implementation and giving us a more
mobile-friendly sidebar.

All other functionality remains the same.

Unit tests pass.

Tested the sidebar, drawer, and basic functionality for the dashboard,
and all basic functionality for all the other current datagrid pages,
in desktop and mobile modes.

  1. Nice cleanup!

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Pushed to release-4.0.x (2f84c00)