Allow custom HostingServices to set their own IDs.

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Due to a bad design choice a long time ago, we based hosting service IDs
off their names. Names are used for display, but we used them for IDs as
well, despite the fact that they frequently contained characters (such
as capital letters and spaces) that were not valid for some of the URLs
served up in the API.

The built-in services (which used entrypoint names for IDs), or those
custom-registered using register_hosting_service() (which takes a
"name" for the ID), did not have this problem, but ones using
HostingServiceHook did.

Now, HostingService supports an official hosting_service_id
attribute. HostingServiceHook will respect this, but if it's not set
(likely the case with any custom implementations using the hook today),
it will have one set automatically based on the name (using Django's
slugify(), which transforms to the exact same set of characters our
URLs allow).

register_hosting_service() still overrides the ID with the "name" that
is passed, in order to stay compatible with existing behavior. This is
important to avoid breaking some implementations that have hosting
services subclassing other hosting services (as an ID might be set on a
base service before it's set on a subclass, breaking registration if not

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