Add proper support for pre/post migrate/sync signals.

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Django Evolution


We were trying to emit pre_migrate/post_migrate signals in
apply_migrations(), which was always intended to be temporary. While
emitting them there sort of worked at one point (when there was only one
migration phase), it falls apart pretty hard with some apps with
multiple migration phases. The reason is that some apps will use the
post_migrate signal to inject some state into the database for the new
models, but this happens too soon when emitted during the initial
migration phase.

We also weren't emitting the pre_sync and post_sync signals on
Django 1.6 and earlier (1.7 and 1.8 would emit them for
backwards-compatibility, though).

To solve all this, this change does four things:

  1. It switches to emitting the pre_migrate signal only once, before
    any migrations are applied, and post_migrate only once, after all
    migrations are applied.

  2. It introduces a full migration plan that encompasses all phases of
    the migrations, which allows us to provide some useful state in these
    signals. This is important as some apps listen to pre_migrate and
    then modify the migration instances that are to be later applied.

  3. It also splits apply_migrations() into three functions:
    create_pre_migrate_state(), apply_migrations(), and
    finalize_migrations(). This allows repeated alterations of the same
    migration state, and a single final model rendering phase, better
    mirroring what's done directly in Django's migrate command.

  4. It emits pre_sync and post_sync signals on Django 1.6 and

Unit tests pass on all supported versions of Django.

Manually tested population of a new database and upgrades of an
existing one (utilizing both migrations and evolutions).