Only work with accessible review groups/repositories in conditions.

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Conditions for review groups and repositories previously listed all
entries in the database, whether or not they'd be accessible to the
user. This wasn't a problem in the ways that conditions have been used
so far (since only superusers would be able to configure these and could
even see these lists), but this would be a security risk for future
features that involve Local Site admins or normal users.

This change updates these conditions to only return accessible review
groups or repositories. For Local Site admins, they'll only be able to
see the ones on their team, and normal users would only be able to see
public ones or ones they're on the access lists for.

The choices also no longer include entries that should be hidden, like
archived repositories, cleaning up the list further even in the standard
cases we have today.

As part of this improvement, the .accessible() query functions for
review groups and repositories has been improved a bit, adding new
documentation and a parameter for specifying whether Local Sites should
even be factored into the query (so that all entries regardless of the
local_site parameter would be returned).

Unit tests pass.

Tested this along with some upcoming work for RBCommons involving
conditions on the Team Admin UI.

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