Add an error and optional checking for missing signatures.

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Django Evolution


In previous versions of Django Evolution, running evolve --execute
without first running syncdb could result in crashes with large stack
traces due to missing baseline signatures. While this was all happening
in the simulation stage, it was scary, and not obvious as to what's
going on.

Now, the various signature getter functions can be told that a result is
required. If required and a signature is not present, a
MissingSignatureError will be raised, which will be shown to the user
in a more clear, less-scary way. This is also now raised when removing
signatures, instead of using the more generic ValueError.

Not many places make use of the new required argument yet. This will
be used more in future changes.

Unit tests pass.

Tested a situation with evolutions made to models not yet in the baseline.
Saw the cleaner error.