Make some visual tweaks to commit display for DVCS.

Review Request #10308 — Created Nov. 6, 2018 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

Review Board

This change does some visual polish to the display of commits on the
review request:

  • On the review request page, fixed the spacing between the "Commits"
    label and the table (before there was none).
  • On the diff viewer page, hid the "Commits" field entirely, since its
    content overlaps with that of the commit selector table. This was
    especially confusing when the latest revision had a different set of
    commits than the revision being viewed.
  • Fixed spacing of the different sections on the diff viewer page:
    various diff "fields" had equal spacing above and below, and didn't
    provide enough whitespace to really associate the label with the

Viewed the reviews and diff viewer pages and saw that everything looked
much nicer.

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