Improve git-svn support

Review Request #1030 — Created Sept. 9, 2009 and submitted




The support for svn has a nice feature where it can find aliased repositories using the repository UUID, which is useful for e.g. KDE where Review Board only knows about «», but developers are likely using «» or «svn+ssh://». Unfortunately, the git-svn support lacks this feature, which means that post-review doesn't know how to find the repository known to the Review Board server.

This (simple) patch changes the git-svn support (GitClient.get_repository_info) to use the same SvnRepositoryInfo as SVNClient so that post-review is usable on such git-svn checkouts (with a small change to SvnRepositoryInfo to pass through supports_parent_diffs, which GitClient sets differently).
Tested with a KDE git-svn checkout
  1. Thanks! Committed in r5b042cf.