Do not use capturing groups when unnecessary in URLs

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Given a URL pattern of the form ((?P<capture>[a-z]+)/)?, a call to
reverse with the kwargs {'capture': 'foo'} will result in a
NoReverseMatch exception. This occurs because the capture param gets
hidden behind a positional parameter and Django will expect the
positional parameter intead of the named parameter for the call to
reverse. We now no longer use capturing groups -- we explicltly mark the
outer group as non-capturing (e.g. (?:(?P<capture>[a-z]+)/)?, which
works as expected.

We previously were also using capturing groups in the form of
?(P<capture>(a|b)). Not only will a non-capturing group work here, the
group isn't needed at all: a expression of the form (?P<capture>a|b)
is sufficient. All instances of this have been fixed.

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