Replace old selectors with smart objects selector widget in the administration UI

Review Request #10215 — Created Oct. 10, 2018 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

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reviewboard, students

Now that RelatedObjectedWidget is in Djblets, we import
it from there and extend it in the RelatedUserWidget.

Created RelatedRepositoryWidget and RelatedGroupWidget, along with
relevant HTML and JS files, which extends the RelatedObjectsWidget.
RelatedGroupWidget has the ability to only display groups that are
invite only. All three widgets, for exampe, can be viewed on
/admin/db/reviews/defaultreviewer/add/, and they all function.

See /r/10214.

Created relatedUserSelectorTests.es6.js,
relatedRepoSelectorTests.es6.js, and
relatedGroupSelectorTests.es6.js to test the widgets
javascript functionality.

Ran ./tests/ and no errors were thrown. Ran the js-tests, and
no errors were thrown.

New unit tests were created in reviewboard.admin.tests that test
the functionality of the widgets. The test classes are:
RelatedUserWidgetTestCase, RelatedRepositoryWidgetTestCase and,

Navigated to /admin/db/reviews/defaultreviewer/add/ and the
RelatedUserWidget, RelatedRepositoryWidget and
RelatedGroupWidget function as intended.

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