[WIP] Docking the Comment Dialog when scrolling

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Comment Dialog: Docking

After digging around in the reviews.less, and commentDialogView.es6.js
files I found that property: absolute was being set using jQuery.
So I essentially updated the jQuery in order to have the dialog's
position:fixed when scrolling. I also used jQuery to assign a
top value since the comment dialog would not appear otherwise.

But now I have created a bug where when dragging the comment dialog
to change the position, when used to scroll along the page the dialog
box will run away from the cursor. This bug doesn't appear when
position: absolute.

My current theory is that the method used to affect the dialog's top
property, when dragging the dialog box, is what causes the bug.
This is a rough theory that and I am not entirely sure it's correct.
I am also unsure if I should use jQuery to affect the position
property since I feel like this doesn't preserve a
"separation of concerns".

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