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This is a new batch of docs that detail how to begin working on contributing to Review Board. It explains how to set up a development tree, the basics of branches, and contributing changes back.

There's also some docs in there for maintaining a fork of Review Board using GitHub or a custom solution.
Built the docs and read through them a bit.
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    I don't think people need to create a server (that's only if they want to serve it to people), they just need a clone. It's perfectly valid to do a clone straight from the reviewboard public clone URL, commit some changes locally, then periodically fetch and merge/rebase to stay current with upstream. I'd argue that's maybe even the way most people maintaining a private fork for their organization would do it.
    Also, our->your.
    1. This isn't really about just maintaining a one-off developer checkout. This is about maintaining an actual fork of Review Board inside a company that other developers can access an contribute to.
    2. Okay, in that case, can you make that clear? I think that in most cases for small teams, there will be a dude that maintains the reviewboard server and has their checkout with a couple small changes, and setting up a server for git collaboration isn't really appropriate for that.
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    Two comments here.
    I'd change "You should also use a..." to "Some people find it helpful to use a..."
    gitx -> gitk
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* Make it more clear why you'd use a custom fork in a centralized place.
* Fix a case where "gitx" was referenced instead of "gitk."
* Make it sound less like a requirement to use gitk/gitx.


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    1. Fixed, and committing. I can make any additional changes if you spotted anything else.