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Barret Rennie
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Previously the extension and validation resources did not inherit from
the API token mixin nor the OAuth2 token mixin, making them inaccessible
via these methods. This was because they were not using our base
resource class due to being special cases of resources from Djblets.

Now we have a new RBResourceMixin that includes all mixins that Review
Board resources should inherit from. Resources defined by Review Board
will inherit them through our base WebAPIResource, but this mixin will
also allow us to use all these mixins in resources we bring in from,
e.g., Djblets.

The new extension resource explicitly inherits from this mixin, as does
the validation resource, allowing them to be accessed via OAuth2 tokens
and API token.

Ran unit tests.

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Barret Rennie
Barret Rennie
Christian Hammond
  2. Typo in the description: "becuase"

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  4. You shouldn't need this. If the method doesn't provide docs, the augmented method's docs are used.

Barret Rennie
David Trowbridge
  1. Ship It!
Barret Rennie
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