Limit cache location to be in memory or in a default location.

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The HTTP cache for the API now takes a parameter that determines if it
is created in memory (create_db_in_memory). This parameter replaces
the db_path parameter, which previously accepted the special value
':memory:' to create the SQLite database in memory. The new
parameter is more straightforward because caches will only ever be
required to be created at the default location (for normal operation)
or in memory (for unit testing).

The default API cache path is stored on the APICache class as the
CACHE_PATH constant, which can be used without instantiating the
class. Becuase the HTTP cache for the API is only ever stored in one
location on disk, it can be cleared (i.e., unlinked) without
instantiating the class to determine where it is located on disk. This
is important in the case where the cache exists but has become corrupt
and cannot be loaded (and so instantiation of the APICache class will

Unit tests pass.