Add replacement syncdb and migrate commands that wrap evolve.

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Django Evolution

In Django Evolution 2.0, the evolve command is responsible for all
database and model creation, evolution, and migration. There's no longer
a two-step phase, where syncdb or migrate --run-syncdb needs to be
run to create initial models. However, unit tests and legacy code will
still call syncdb or migrate, which could interfere with evolve's

To address this, we now provide replacements for both syncdb and
migrate that just wrap evolve. Some features of both commands had
to be removed, but they're pretty minor and not worth maintaining
support for. For both syncdb and migrate, that means initial_data
fixtures are no longer loaded (which was deprecated anyway), and for
migrate, individual migrations can no longer be applied. We may add
support for both down the road.

Used these commands directly with and without Django Evolution being

Ran a couple different consuming project test suites with these
versions of the commands installed.