Update all mutations to use the new signature classes.

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Django Evolution

This switches all the mutations over to using the new signature classes
instead of the old dictionaries, giving us a standard API for working
with signatures and simplifying a lot of code.

For the most part, the changes are fairly straight-forward moves to the
new API. There are a few larger changes that needed to be made, however.

  1. create_field, MockModel, and MockMeta had to be updated to take
    some additional arguments that were no longer able to be pulled from
    signature dictionaries directly.

  2. SQLMutation now needs to do a bit more work to handle legacy
    mutation functions, as it needs to now serialize the signature to a
    dictionary that the function can operate on and then replace the
    state of the project signature with the results of that function.

  3. ChangeMeta has to do a little more work to check the properties
    being changed and manipualting values, since it can't just operate on
    raw dictionaries anymore. This actually helps make it more readable

While there's still work that needs to done in some places still to stop
working directly with signature dictionaries, this covers the majority
of those cases. The rest will be handled as part of other changes.

Unit tests pass on all supported versions of Django.