Fix rendering new widgets in admin dashboard

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The dashboard on /admin/ crashed when a brand new widget was added
to the page. The expected output is that the new widget, whether
it's a primary or secondary widget, should appear on the dashboard
with the other widgets.

This was because there was a check to find the new widgets position,
before it actually had been given one. This raised a KeyError,
which crashed the page.

I added some .get() checks, so that if the widget position is not in
the dictionary, a None value is returned.

I also refactored code on how new widgets are rendered in the
dashboard, so that the dashboard() function in admin/
is much easier to read.

I ran all tests using
./tests/ and no errors resulted.

I also used the JS-tests on /js-tests/, and there were no issues.

I created a Unit Test class named WidgetTests, that can be run
with ./tests/ reviewboard.admin.tests:WidgetTests.
This test checks that adding a new primary widget and a new secondary
widget on the dashboard does not raise a KeyError, and gives the two
widgets a position.